WE PROVIDE tropical building materials for Social and Recreational Areas, such as synthetic thatch roofing from PALMEX International (Canada), Southern Yellow Pine lumber and round Caribbean pine logs, with or without treatment for general construction, fencing, electricity posts and marine docks. We also supply processed or semi-processed Exotic Tropical woods such as Almendro, cumarù, Ipe and nispero. We also have synthetic grass, and different types of decks in treated pine, WPC composite material, decks of Almendro, bamboo for roof structures, and covers in asphalt shingles or polycarbonate. We can also provide products like custom-designed large laminated wooden beams (GLULAM).

We build bohios, ranchos and gazebos, parasols, playgrounds, synthetic ball-court grass, swimming pools, beach houses, cottages, cabins, tree houses, beach clubs, restaurants, terraces, houses for animals, outdoor furniture, benches, garbage bins , picnic tables, perimeter fences, livestock fences, maritime piers, pergolas, hanging bridges and ramps, wood towers and much more. As long as it can be made with wood, you can bring us your idea and together we can do it.


Grupo Palmadera SA is a Panamanian corporation founded in 2008 with investments from Canada and Colombia. With projects developed in Costa Rica, Colombia, Dominican Republic and our head office in Chame, Republic of Panama, Central America.

We started with the distribution of the Palmex (Canada) synthetic thatch, a premium product which has a 20-year warranty and a 50-year useful life, and quickly we saw the need to use wooden structures that had similar guarantee and durability. We found the ideal solution that allows us to develop and deliver to our customers, products that are guaranteed for 20 years, with little or no maintenance.

In this way and thanks to the trust of our customers, the market has led us to grow our portfolio of products and services where today large construction companies and promoters rely on us to make their SOCIAL AND RECREATIONAL AREAS. We also work every day with smaller customers from private homes to schools that trust our brand.

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